Do you want to block unwanted calls or messages on your AT&T Blackberry Bold 9700 mobile phone? Read the complete instructions below to learn how you can block the calls and messages on this phone.

Method 1: Block Calls and Messages Using Built-In Phone Feature

Follow the below-given steps to check if there is an in-built call blocking feature on your phone.

  • First, visit Device Support page and choose your phone from the options there if not already selected.
  • Now, type block in the search on the top of the page and several support articles will appear.
  • Choose the appropriate tutorial for your phone. In case there are no appropriate tutorials for your phone, then for further help, check the website of the device manufacturer.


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Method 2: Using AT&T Call Protect Application to Block Calls

AT&T Call Protect application allows you to block unlimited calls for up to 30 days. And, in order to continue blocking those numbers for beyond 30 days, you will need to renew the numbers using the application. AT&T Call Protect app automatically blocks any spam or fraud calls and warns you about any suspicious calls. You can visit the AT&T Call Protect page to get more details about this feature and learn how to activate it.


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Method 3: Blocking Calls and Text Messages via AT&T Smart Limits

You can also block any call and message using the AT&T Smart Limits for maximum 30 domestic phone numbers. Currently, Smart Limits is unavailable to block the following:


  • Incoming messages or calls received from unknown or anonymous callers.
  • Video or picture messaging.
  • Third-party message services (like WhatsApp and iMessages).
  • You can visit AT&T Smart Limits webpage to know about how to add this feature.

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Method 4: Add Number to Do Not Call Registry

You can also add your number to the ‘National Do Not Call Registry’ from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). This lets you opt-out of receiving most of the telemarketing calls.


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